Friday, March 28, 2008


This is the first bite of the cream puff so let me say what all this chit chatting is about.

  • Casual observations of what's going around us and my take on them. Points raised by others - if not too silly and which will cause me to spit out my tea - will be included.
  • Gossips, of course, but nothing that will cause me to face a libel suit.
  • Interesting, but not commonly known information may be posted.
  • Current hobby: Bird Watching or Birding as the Birders like to call it... and I can view them through my binoculars from my varendah while enjoying my tea.
If anyone has any comment or feedback, you are welcome to post them, but try not to get too personal or inflammatory. I may just pour a pot of hot tea over your hot head. Other than that, afternoon teas are meant to be fun and indulgent.

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