Friday, January 6, 2012

2012: Lifer Number 3

Spotted Owl to Hoot Over

Pasir Ris Park is turning to be such a bird haven for me this year. First, it was the Red Jungle Fowl, then the Mangrove Pitta, and yesterday's trip yielded the Spotted Owl (Athene brama). This is my first owl of any kind and my third lifer of the year within the first four days of this new year. Praise the Lord.

Although it was 11 a.m. the owl was wide awake and stared down at us photographers from its high perch in the tree. Nearby was a roundish fluff of beige and white - it was the owlet, and the parent was keeping a watch. The baby has very round eyes like all owls have and it was really cute. The other parent, which was said to be around, was no where to be seen.

One of the photographers said that a while back, the owlet fell off the tree and was on the ground, thankfully uninjured. They quickly took shots of it before putting it back on the tree, out of harm's way - because cats, rodents etc would have this chick for a meal.

I am very grateful that birds are not hunted in Singapore (it's a crime) and so they have flourished to brighten and cheer up our lives. May they continue to do so till the end of time.



All Wild said...

lovely, beautiful pictures of the owl, I saw this owl for the first time in Penang, but now is hardly seen, maybe due to human disturbances or poarching.

All Wild said...

is good to hear, birds a re not hunted in Spore, but sadly, in Malaysia, many birds are hunted and smuggled out for the taste of meat, pets or specimen.

Nannysaurus said...

Love these photos! How far were you from the owl? Looks so close! Beautiful bird.

Unknown said...

@ All Wild and @Nannysaurus - I am surprised how the photos turned out, especially when they were at least 20 - 25 metres up and the angle for the bino-camera was so acute that I thought my neck was going to snap. And more than once I nearly lost my balance, plus hands were shaking so much. The owl looks close because I cropped the photos (heh heh)