Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Singapore Botanic Gardens Revisited 2

19 January 2010


The Hooded Pitta and the Orange Headed Thrush (above) are among the favourite migratory birds currently making these gardens their winter home of birders and photographers. In December, I managed to take a photo of the thrush but that was spoilt by the multiple flashes blasted by the photographers. The Pitta eluded me altogether. Now most of the photographers are gone and birders said both thrush (now two) and the Pitta are still around. And this time, I got lucky.

Hooded Pitta (Above and Below)

Orange-Headed Thrush (Above and Below)
The Thrush Taking Its Evening Bath

Another Large-tailed Nightjar (below) was spotted among a pile of rocks, blissfully asleep. As it was almost sundown, it was a race against both the available light and time (sounds like a vampire movie when this bird will wake up and fly away). This was not the same nightjar, which I had photographed days earlier.


A Little Heron was chanced upon in a quiet area of the gardens foraging in a small stream. At first it looked like a Bittern only to find out that this was a juvenile Little Heron (a lifer).



All Wild said...

beautiful Pitta and Thrush, they are really the fascinating birds in the evening garden.

All Wild said...

very sharp picture of nightjar. great job.